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Offering pre-professional and professional training in acting and creative writing. All classes are taught by Miranda McDermott, who bases her teaching on the Stanislavski Method, and has taught children and young people for over 30 years.

All classes are divided by age and level. Classes for children ages 4-7 years are 45 minutes. Classes for children over 8 years are 1 hour. Classes are held weekdays after school with the exception of private one on one classes.

Ages 4 - 7 years (Creative Dramatics)

Classes encourage the creative ideas of the student, and placing their stories and ideas in play form and working and sharing in a group setting. End term productions includes presenting well known work such as Dr. Seuss, Peter Pan, Folk Tales and other well known children's stories, as well as a creative writing exhibit of students work. Classes are formal and use the stage, backstage as well as lighting, props, setting, etc.. Class time is 45 minutes.

Ages 8 - 10 years

Introduction to written material by classic and contemporary playwrights, and an introduction to scene study and character development and improvisation. Reading plays are an important element to classes. End term presentations include presentation of scenes, monologues and full length plays. Creative writing is introduced in classes as well.

Ages 10 - 13 years

Emphasis on basic acting technique, speech and diction, scene study, history of theatre, scenes from European and contemporary playwrights presented. Participation in New Media Children's Theatre Co. enhances performance skills and ability to present one's self.

Ages 14 - 17 years

Emphasis on classics, theatre of the absurd, contemporary playwrights, understanding the play and ideas of playwrights. Preparation for auditions and recommendations for colleges, participation with Adult Theatre Co. for high school seniors, preparation for audition material for agents and colleges, recommendations for places of employment and for community service credits for working with Children's Theatre Co. and professional Adult Theatre Co. . End term production includes original work performed and written by the student.

Creative Writing Class

A specially designed class for students ages 10 - 17 years. Classes meet 5 times per year on Fridays from 5:00pm-7:00pm and include trips to museums such as the Metropolitan, Whitney, Guggenheim and others, where paintings and sculptures are used for stimulus of poetry, short story or play form. Creative writing exhibits and presentations are held throughout the year.

Individual Needs

One of New Media's unique features is that it also provides study in acting and writing, in private one on one classes for students with special needs who have a love and outstanding ability in acting or writing but whose academic studies require time and schedules that conflict with class schedules. Individual study program is worked out directly with parent or guardian and Ms. McDermott. Participation of these students is always included with New Media end term presentations and exhibits of all students. Classes in Theatre Technology, lighting and stage production are taught by Franklin Engel.

Please note, a short visit to New Media is required for all potential students and parent or guardian. This visit is not a commitment to signing up for a class, but is an opportunity for the potential student to ask questions about the class. It also helps to determine which class is best suited for the potential student. For information and to schedule a visit, contact Miranda McDermott at (212) 734-5195.

Some scholarships for children and young people are available based on need and recommendation.

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